What is #IPSAG?

Hey students! Are you familiar with #IPSAG? #IPSAG stands for InterProfessional Student Advisory Gatherings, the Penn Libraries’ networking event series for students interested or enrolled in health sciences and related programs. #IPSAG enables students to provide input on services, spaces, and resources at the Biomedical, Dental, and Veterinary Libraries, while also meeting and learning from one another.


Next time you’re in the Biomedical Library, pass by Room G-21, where you can use sticky notes to tell us about your summer activities. Why are we interested? Because it will help us plan IPSAG events, and allow us to get to know you better and serve you better based on what you are doing.



Also, check out the #IPSAG bulletin board near the Biomedical Library security gate! It currently has information pertaining to two Fall 2018 #IPSAG drop-in lunches being held in the Biomedical Library Conference Room. Use the links to below to learn more and register!


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