Ground-floor space reopened at Biomed!

The Biomedical Library is pleased to announce that the portion of our library (the Stemmler Hall side) that has been closed since 2015, is now reopened, freshly carpeted, with ample space to spread out at roomy tables.  In addition to the space being great for study, we plan to host student events and author book signings and readings in this wide-open area.

The space is not fully equipped just yet, but you can look forward to three new, attractive, glass-walled study rooms that will be outfitted with new furniture and technology, as well as a space dedicated to experimenting with Virtual and Augmented Reality.  Stay tuned for updates!

Today, we hosted our annual Welcome (Back) Lunch as part of our event series known as IPSAG: Interprofessional Student Advisory Gatherings, where students with a health sciences or health-tech interest can meet and learn from one another, and offer feedback to our team of librarians.

In this photo, IPSAG students do a table-swap, to mingle with students from other schools and share stories about their summer internships and activities.


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