Penn Health-Tech and Biomed Library to make expired medical devices available for reverse-engineering

What good are medical devices whose expiration date has passed?  Well, Penn Health-Tech believes that tinkerers may find such expired devices quite useful and has started to build a stockpile of them for teams to prototype, reverse engineer, and use for their learning as they develop new devices.  The Biomedical Library is partnering with Penn Health-Tech to catalog and make the devices accessible to all inventors across the Penn community.  In the near future, they will be searchable in a Penn Libraries database and available for “borrowing” at the Biomedical Library. “Borrowing” is in quotes, because the Library will not expect the devices to be returned.  They will belong to the innovator to dismantle and redevelop.

The availability of this collection will be a great extension of The Biomedical Library 3D Printing and Innovation Services.

Stay tuned for updates as this project unfolds!

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