Interprofessional Mingling at #IPSAG Welcome (Back) Lunch

On Wednesday August 29th, 2018, #IPSAG (which stands for Interprofessional Student Advisory Gatherings, a Penn Libraries-hosted interprofessional networking event series geared towards health sciences students) held its 2nd Annual Welcome (Back) Lunch at the Biomedical Library.  A record 79 students and staff members representing Dental, PSOM, SEAS, SON, Vet, SAS, Wharton, Penn Health-Tech and Penn Libraries registered for the lunch, which was held in the newly reopened space on the Stemmler side of the Biomedical Library.


Students do a “Table Swap” to mingle with students from other schools and talk about their summer internships, research projects, and vacations.

#IPSAG events allow students from the health schools or students with a health sciences interest to hear and learn from one another, as evidenced by one such conversation where a pharmacology graduate student explained his field of study to a table full of nursing and veterinary students. Staff from Penn Health-Tech discussed upcoming interdisciplinary opportunities for students including the Penn Health-Tech Student Ambassadors and Rothberg Catalyzer Makerthon.

Students learned about library services and toured the Biomedical Library’s 3D/poster printing lab and offered valuable feedback to librarians on topics ranging from software and e-journal needs to study spaces.

The next #IPSAG event at the Biomedical Library is the Tech ‘n’ Treat Lunch on Oct 30th!  Join us!

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