Research impact metrics services

Are you interested in how to best assess the impact of your work as a researcher? Are you an administrator interested in the research impact or collaborations of the faculty in your department or center? Are you a graduate student who wants to understand how different researcher profiles (e.g. ORCiD, ImpactStory) may aid your career? Do you want to know which journals in your field have the greatest reach?

Librarians at the Biomedical Library have been helping to answer questions like these and many others. Through face-to-face consultations, workshops, research guides, and report preparation, we can help you understand and leverage the sometimes confusing and complex landscape of tools and metrics that attempt to assess scholarly research. Some examples of the work we’ve done are: a comprehensive 5-year analysis of faculty research output at a hospital department, a network graphing of co-authorships in major fields of research at Penn, and the number of peer-reviewed publications within a fiscal year at a PSOM department, among others.

In addition, Penn Libraries recently announced a new Author Advisory Service to help members of the Penn community target publishing venues and learn more about current issues in publishing and research dissemination.

Contact Richard James or Manuel de la Cruz Gutierrez at the Biomedical Library for more information.

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