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The Penn Proxy Bookmark: seamless remote access to full text articles

Do you do most of your work or research from off campus? If so, then Penn Libraries has the perfect tool for you: The Penn Proxy Bookmark. Adding this bookmark to the toolbar of your web browser enables easy access to Penn resources from personal computers or mobile devices without having to navigate to the Penn Librarie’s website.

Have you ever searched the web and found a great article, but then not been able to access it? The Penn Proxy Bookmark provides a solution to this problem. Simply click on your Penn Proxy Bookmark and log in with your PennKey and password. This will reload the web page through the Penn Proxy Server, authenticating you as a Penn user and granting you access to the full text article.

In order to use the proxy bookmark you first need to install it. Instructions on how to set it can be found below:

Desktop browsers:

  • Chrome, Firefox, and Safari

Simply drag the link UPenn Proxy to the bookmark toolbar.

  • Internet Explorer

Right click on the link UPenn Proxy, select “Add to Favorites.”

Mobile Devices:

  • iOS

Create a new bookmark and name it ‘UPenn Proxy.’ Copy and paste the text below into the URL field. Then finish by saving the bookmark.


  • Android

Installation instructions vary depending on what operating system and web browser you use on your device. For more detailed instructions and troubleshooting see the Fast Full Text: Proxy Bookmark LibGuide.

If you have any questions refer to the Fast Full Text: Proxy Bookmark LibGuide or feel free to email us at


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