3D Print of the Week

3D Print of the Week: Resin Vertebra featured in Penn Today story, “Making fossils move to build better robots”


TheIMG_20171216_130851315 Biomedical Library is proud to have printed the resin vertebra featured in today’s Penn Today story.

Here’s an excerpt from the story:

“Specimens like [Dr. Aja] Carter’s Archeria are extremely rare and not exactly durable, so Carter takes a CT scan of each spine, converts those scans into 3-D models, and then 3-D prints each vertebra in resin at the Penn Biomedical Library. To complete the vertebral column and make the spines as true-to-life as possible, Carter then inserts silicone “cartilage” between each of the vertebrae. Next, she aligns small, programmable motors on either side of the vertebral column that propel the robotic spines to move as though they’re navigating across land.”

Read more!

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