Librarians’ Role in Evidence-Based Medicine for Healthcare Policymakers: View the Webinar!



Recently, invited by Elsevier, Maylene Qiu, the Biomedical Library’s Clinical Liaison Librarian and Systematic Review Coordinator,  provided a webinar on the topic of “Librarians’ Role in Evidence-Based Medicine Education (EBM) for Healthcare System Policymakers,” where she introduced a number of EBM teaching modules that can be combined in different ways to to assist healthcare policymakers with locating high-quality medical evidence using optimal search strategies.

Maylene Qiu

We were proud that the webinar was well received by the global audience with such comments as, “Very relevant topic for today’s health care policymakers even in industrialized cultures such as the US, China and Europe. I can see that this will be necessary more and more in the future.” “Great and very timely presentation.”

View the webinar!   For more information, contact Maylene!

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