Meet Liz, intern at Biomedical & Veterinary libraries, brings metadata skills and more



Liz, cataloging expired medical devices from Penn Health Tech.

Liz Jenkins, a Masters student in Drexel University’s Library and Information Science program, and previously a research assistant at Drexel’s Metadata Research Center, is applying her skills and interest in metadata to two major projects at the Biomedical and Veterinary Libraries.  At Vet, she’s developing metadata for a database of images from the school’s yearbooks, to provide the school’s Communications and Alumni offices with images for social media, publications and outreach.  At the Biomedical Library, she’s working on a project in collaboration with Penn Health Tech to create a new database of expired medical instruments.  She is also preparing a workshop on Researcher IDs (Scopus, ORCID and Web of Science/ResearchID) — stay tuned for workshop dates!

Liz majored in history at Bryn Mawr College, where she rowed on the crew team, then earned a Masters of Arts in history from University College London.

Liz was drawn to library science by the variety of functions of the profession, which provides ongoing opportunities to learn new skills.  She is especially interested in the adaptive and dynamic use of  metadata to link concepts in the semantic web through networked relationships.

When not at Penn, Liz interns at the Center for Art in Wood as the student archivist.

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