Meet Sherry: Clinical & Graduate Research Librarian

Sherry Morgan, the Biomedical Library’s Clinical and Graduate Research Librarian, exemplifies how our team of librarians are embedded within the communities they serve.  For example, as a member of Penn Medicine’s Center for Evidence-based Practice, Sherry has collaborated on several research projects, one of which was published as the national guideline for Surgical Site Infections with significant impact on patient care, having been viewed over one million times and cited over 120 times.


Sherry Morgan, PhD, MLS, BSNEd, RN

As a member of the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania’s (HUP’s) Nursing Research Core Council, Sherry supports the Council’s research endeavors, leading discussions and giving presentations on information gathering and appraisal, meeting with clinical bedside nurses who are embarking on research projects, including Nursing Research Fellows. She also participates in the Gallery of Scholarly Excellence during Nursing Week by reviewing and recommending abstracts submitted for posters. She participated in HUP’s most recent Magnet Recognition Program by meeting with appraisers from the American Nurses Credentialing Center.

In support of the Masters of Public Health program, Sherry not only offers course-integrated lectures and research consultations, but is also a member of the Master’s in Public Health faculty committee and serves in a faculty mentorship role, advising Capstone students in both literature reviews and other research-related issues.  Sherry plays similar roles in support of the School of Nursing graduate programs, serving on their Masters and Doctorate in Nursing Practice Curriculum Committees.

If you would like a health sciences librarian to work more closely with your community, please contact Barbara Cavanaugh, at or 215-898-8020.

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