Visit the Biomedical Library’s Relaxation Room

The Biomedical Library has opened a Relaxation Room for the Penn community. The room is a quiet space intended for taking a break from studying or other potentially stressful daily activities.  The room features yoga mats and a simple yoga chair and various prompts for promoting relaxation such as adult coloring books, puzzles, QR codes that link to sounds in nature, fidget spinners, and stress squeeze balls. One creative and unanticipated use of the room has been using the stress squeeze balls for juggling!  We invite you to visit the room and find your outlet for relaxation. 

Biomedical Library Relaxation Room.

The Relaxation Room, located on the newly reopened Stemmler side of the Biomedical Library, was the brainchild of Aman Kaur, a librarian whose responsibilities include community health outreach and liaising with Penn’s wellness partners. Aman sought input from various campus wellness partners in order to design this simple yet impactful space. Our wellness partners have commented that the room successfully incorporates the elements of visuals, sound, and contemplative activities. Feedback in the room’s suggestion jar include thank you notes for having created the space and helpful comments such as providing more lighting options.

To learn more about the Relaxation Room, visit  The room is open for use during all hours when the Biomedical Library is open.

Users of the room have been working hard on the puzzle!
Nice feedback about the Relaxation Room!
Coloring and juggling the “squeeze stress balls” have been popular activities in the Relaxation Room.

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