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Lean Library Access browser extension: simplifying off-campus use of Penn Libraries resources

Are you frequently searching Penn Libraries e-resources from off-campus? Do you often link to our e-resources from non-Penn Libraries sites such as Google Scholar? Then we’ve got good news for you. Accessing our content has just gotten easier for the Penn Community!

Thanks to our Discovery Team, Penn Libraries has introduced the Lean Library Access browser extension.  Using the browser extension simplifies access and reduces the number of clicks to reach full-text articles when outside the campus network.

Instead of hitting a paywall when visiting a journal’s website, the extension icon will prompt users to login using your Penn credentials.  If the content is available via a Penn Libraries’ subscription, the user will be brought directly to the content.  If not available, users will be offered the option to request the article via interlibrary loan. 

For more information, visit this Library Guide, or follow the instructions below to get started!

Installing Lean Library Access

To use Lean Library Access, all you have to do is add the extension to your favorite browser.  These browsers and versions are supported:  Google Chrome (version 62+); Firefox (version 56+), Apple Safari (version 11.0+), Opera (version 51+), and Microsoft Edge.  Please note that the Lean Library extension does not support mobile devices.

1. Download

Go to

Click the Download button that displays for the browser you are using.  Read the Privacy Policy.

2. Grant permission

3. Select University of Pennsylvania

If you are affiliated with multiple institutions that subscribe to Library Access, you can select more than one library listed in the pull down menu.

4. Pop-up choice

Choose whether or not to skip pop-ups when accessing licensed materials.  As the Library may provide customized information in the pop-up, we recommend leaving the box unchecked.  

5.  Save Settings

Click Save. You will see this confirmation message and you are ready to use Library Access.

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