NEJM Resident 360: designed specifically for medical residents

NEJM Resident 360The Biomedical Library’s institutional subscription to the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) includes NEJM Resident 360, designed specifically for medical residents. NEJM Resident 360 gives you the key information you’ll need to approach your rotations. NEJM has curated important information in a single location to help you build your knowledge base.

The interface includes six key areas:

  • Rotation Prep provides basic facts and access to seminal content in NEJM and other sources in a number of specialties. Along with a quick refresher to essential information, you can access landmark clinical trials, reviews, guidelines, and procedural videos.
  • Learning Lab has interactive tools to put new research into context and hone diagnostic skills.
  • Resident Lounge connects you with peers through blogs, podcasts, and discussions on issues related to life as a resident.
  • Career provides guidance for navigating life after residency.
  • Discussions offer expert-led online forums on a variety of topics related to clinical and life skills.
  • Student Corner has resources to help students get the most out of medical school.

Access is made available through the Biomedical Library’s institutional subscription to NEJM. You will need to create an account to get the most out of the system. Use the link below to access NEJM Resident 360 and to set up your account or just to explore:

Note: When you set-up your personal account, you will need to to open a confirmation email and click the link to “Confirm your email”.

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