3D Print of the Week

3D print of the week: The Granite Sphinx of Ramses II

This week’s featured 3D print is a model of the Penn Museum‘s iconic Granite Sphinx of Ramses II.  Due to the artifact’s being temporarily removed from public display, the Penn Museum is looking into ways to make replicas of the Sphinx available to the public.  The original twelve-ton Sphinx was scanned and 3D printed in standard resin on the Form2 printer at the highest resolution in order to preserve as much of the original detail as possible.  The 3D print will serve as a model for artists to create a replica that will in turn be manufactured and made available for sale to museum visitors.

Printed in standard resin on the Form2.

Learn more about the Biomedical Library’s 3D printing service which is proud to print complimentary objects and provide 3D design consultations  contributing to innovation in teaching, learning, research, and clinical care at the University of Pennsylvania.

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