The Biomedical Library’s Innovation Intern, James, is back!

The Biomedical Library reannounces the availability of our  Innovation Intern to work with current Penn faculty and staff this summer who need assistance with projects involving virtual or augmented reality, animation, or coding in general.  This pilot service seeks to assist faculty and staff in developing new digital tools to further their innovation in their teaching and research.

James Bigbee, Innovation Intern at the Biomedical Library

The service is provided by our Innovation Intern, James Bigbee, a rising senior in the School of Engineering & Applied Science, majoring in computer science with a minor in art.

James is skilled with animation, applications such as the Unity game engine, and has experience with the programming languages Java, Python, C#, C, HTML, and CSS. 

Please contact James at if you have interest in working with him to further your project!

Examples of past projects:

  • Interactive cardiac arrest resuscitation tutorial.
  • Circle of Fifths Chord/Scale Spinner: ​Overlay of different chords and scales on the circle of fifths, so chords and scales can be played and rotated to change root note.
  • Dermatology Severity Survey: Computerized survey that outputs severity and treatment for skin condition based upon factors such as inflammation, pustules, etc.
  • PNAS Reviewer Search using JANE API: Project that uses Journal/Author Name Estimator (JANE) to automatically collect related authors for a paper based upon an abstract and then cross references with a list of PNAS members to create a list of possible reviewers. 

Tell us about the project you wish you could achieve if you had help! Contact us at

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