ORCiD IDs Required by Recipients of NIH Funding

Effective October 1st of this year, the NIH, CDC, and AHRQ are requiring all individuals who receive awards for research training, research education, fellowship, and career development to register an ORCiD ID (Original Researcher and Contributor Identifier). 

ORCiD IDs are free to obtain, and are used to distinguish individual researchers. Think of an ORCiD ID like a social security number for your scholarly works.  An ORCiD ID will differentiate between two (or more) people who have the same name.  Using ORCiD will allow your distinct works to be associated with your scholarly record, regardless of a name change or a change in institutional affiliation. 

Another benefit of an ORCiD ID is that it helps simply the process of creating a Biosketch profile in SciENcv, a researcher profile system for recipients of federal research funds. The National Science Foundation (NSF) has designated SciENcv as an approved format for biographical sketches for research proposals submitted to the NSF.  

The purpose of these measures is to reduce the amount of administrative work required by the application process for funding, as well as to allow the NIH to better track the progress of researchers’ career paths and their professional outcomes. 

Whether or not you will be applying for federal funding, we encourage you to register an ORCiD ID! Registration is a quick and easy process.

Please feel free to email us for any assistance with populating your works into your ORCiD account. 

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