3D Print of the Week

3D print of the week: “lazy Susan” for MRI phantoms

This week’s featured 3D print is an air-driven “Lazy Susan,” designed to hold a gelatin imaging phantom for velocity measurement under magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). A glass bearing  will be used to hold the stem of the blades and the base of the “Lazy Susan.” The purpose of this device is to rotate a gelatin phantom during MRI scans. Steady air flow goes into one of the two pipes and drives the blade as well as the platform on top. The vents on the sides are meant to regulate the air flow for steady rotation. Since metallic parts are not allowed in the MRI room, the research team turned to 3D printing for a solution to their design need.

IMG_20190630_105152 (1)

Printed in ABS plastic in the Stratasys uPrint Plus

Learn more about the Biomedical Library’s 3D printing service which is proud to print complimentary objects and provide 3D design consultations  contributing to innovation in teaching, learning, research, and clinical care at the University of Pennsylvania.

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