Thieme’s MedOne Plastic Surgery

Cleft_Lip_RepairNow available to our users is Thieme’s MedOne Plastic Surgery. Thieme is a major publisher for plastic surgery and this resource is considered a gateway to their outstanding collection of plastic and reconstructive surgical content:

  • A fully searchable database of best-selling e-books written by top surgeons
  • Step-by-step details for reconstructive and aesthetic procedures
  • Teaching videos by “master class” surgeons
  • Premier journal content with search results by PubMed
  • Training center Q&A to assess subject knowledge

The highlight of this resource is the array surgical videos from renowned experts that provide step-by-step instructions. They can be used as a refresher and also aid in preparation for your surgical cases.

Please share your feedback with us regarding MedOne Plastic Surgery by contacting Melanie Cedrone ( or Barbara Cavanaugh ( 

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