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“DistillerSR” Systematic Review Software available for COVID-19 research

Evidence-Partners-Logo-Stacked-Colour-1DistillerSR has opened its platform for conducting systematic reviews, free of charge, for anyone actively involved in COVID-19 research. For more information about this and how to access the tool, please see the message below from Evidence Partners, the producer of DistillerSR:

To do our part in addressing the COVID-19 pandemic, Evidence Partners is making a special edition of DistillerSR available to organizations conducting COVID-19 research. This edition is an early release of the next generation DistillerSR that has two advanced artificial intelligence features, as well as many other features that make screening, assessing, and categorizing references much faster and more accurate than other methods.
The platform was released to a limited number of organizations last week for validation and is now ready for general use by groups assessing the evidence around COVID-19.
How to access:
If you are interested in using DistillerSR as part of your COVID-19 work, please send us your details using this form. We will prioritize inbound requests as quickly as we can.  If you are not currently working on COVID-19 but know of colleagues that are, please feel free to forward them this email.

Background on the DistillerSR COVID-19 platform:

Who Needs It?

Epidemiologists, researchers, and guideline developers who are developing evidence-based responses to COVID-19 right now.

What Is It?

A systematic literature review platform that leverages AI and other technologies to dramatically accelerate and facilitate the review process. DistillerSR is used by organizations including Health Canada, PHAC, CDC, USDA and the EPA to accelerate their research processes and deliver rigorous and transparent results.

The platform includes a number of COVID-19 specific AI classifiers for COVID-19, PPE and MERS. We are adding new classifiers every week.

Why Use It?

Develop high quality evidence to inform important decisions, guidelines, and practices around COVID-19 quickly and efficiently.

When will it be ready for general use?

March 31, 2020

It is our sincere hope that this initiative will help to accelerate the research needed to address this public health crisis. We are standing by to support the research community.

Stay tuned for more information about an ongoing Penn Libraries license to this important resource.

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