Featured Resource: O’Reilly for Higher Education (Safari Tech Books rebranded and vastly expanded!)

As the University has moved to online courses and remote workspaces, you may have become more interested in building new skills in the area of information technology, computing, statistical analysis, and business transformation. If this describes you, I suggest checking out O’Reilly.

Across campus and across disciplines, students, staff, and faculty have actively used Safari Tech Books, a collection of computer science ebooks. During Summer 2019, Safari Tech Books opened up its entire collection of ebooks (more than 38,000 ebooks!), added 30,000 hours of video content and real world case studies to its collection, and has rebranded as O’Reilly for Higher Education. Ebooks and videos can be downloaded for offline use using an app on a tablet or smartphone.

Within O’Reilly, you can customize your experience by selecting areas of interest to follow. In return, O’Reilly for Higher Education will suggest content focused on your interests. This ultimately saves you time, so you can focus on building your new skills.

For more information, contact Aman Kaur at or Doug McGee at

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