Meet Lexi: Visualizationist at the Biomedical Library

Book a consultation with Lexi for 3D printing or other visualization advice here. Virtual consulations available!

Lexi Voss, Visualizationist

Meet Lexi Voss, the Biomedical Library’s inaugural Visualizationist, whom we recruited last Fall to help grow the Library’s consultation services for 3D printing and modeling as well as other types of visualizations. Lexi works alongside Varvara Kounouzi, the manager of the Biomedical Library’s Makerspace, and Manuel de la Cruz Gutierrez, the Library’s Director of Data and Innovation Services.

Lexi, who began work at the Biomedical Library last semester, graduated from Temple University’s Tyler School of Art with a BFA in Metals/Jewelry/CAD-CAM. Lexi has expertise in rapid prototyping, 3D modeling, and hybrid workflows that includes the mixing of digital and physical processes for the making of objects. Her rapid prototyping and design problem-solving skills and her project management and customer relations background will take the Library’s visualization services to the next level. Read on to get a feel for Lexi’s work!


On May 26th, Lexi will be presenting an online workshop, Introduction to Illustrator: Scientific Diagrams — open to all — in partnership with the Institute for Regenerative Medicine at the Perelman School of Medicine. Follow the link above to sign up!

Rapid Response Team

Lexi was a contributor to the Penn Health Tech Rapid Response Team’s efforts to manufacture faceshields for Penn’s frontline clinicians. Varvara and Lexi identified and shared one of the faceshield mount designs that was used by the group, and 3D printed countless headband pieces using 3D printers at their homes.

Design Thinking and Virtual Reality Rooms

Prior to the current remote learning and work-from-home situation, Lexi was working to develop programming for the Biomedical Library’s Design Thinking and Virtual Reality Rooms. The Design Thinking Room is a space for collaborative problem-solving and workshops. Upon booking the room, there will be the option to check out a Design Thinking Room kit with supplies to aid in ideation and prototyping. Lexi will have hours posted when she is available to aid you and your group in creative problem-solving if needed. The kit will include: a projector, colored pencils and markers for sketching, stickie notes, poster tac, Expo markers, oil clay, paper, glue, etc., all used for rudimentary models that can be easily translated into working prototypes.

Currently, Lexi is working with a class from Wharton on programming for the VR Room for when it is safe to reopen our facilities according to COVID-19 guidelines. The VR Room will allow users to explore the technology, work on VR based projects, and learn how to develop applications. Lexi will work on acquiring and developing apps related to health and science. 

We look forward to activating these rooms when the COVID-19 situation permits the reopening of our facilities.

Inspiring young girls to pursue STEM careers

On January 11, Lexi presented to a group of young girls in North Prairie, Wisconsin about working with 3D printers as a female in a STEM career.  How did this come about? Christine Perkins, 4th Grade Teacher at Prairie View Elementary School, tweeted:

“Does anyone know a FEMALE that works with #3Dprinters within their career? Potentially in the medical field? I have a 3D Design Girls session coming up January 11th and would love to Skype in a female in a #STEM career! #3Dprintedu #3Ddesign #edtech #STEM

One tweet led to another, and Christine was connected with Lexi. The match could not have been more perfect. The girls were working on their first 3D-printed project based around Jewelry Design, the focus of Lexi’s BFA! Christine had found the perfect person to inspire the girls to continue learning in the field of 3D design and help them translate their knowledge to STEM. Before the Skype call with the girls, Lexi emailed Christine pictures from designers who got their careers started in 3D printing as well as pictures of 3D objects printed at the Biomedical Library. This enabled the girls to prepare questions for Lexi about 3D design for an interactive and enjoyable Skype session.

Please reach out to Lexi to learn more about her work or to request a consultation:

Any inquiries about visualization services at the Biomedical Library can be emailed to Lexi at:

Book a consultation with Lexi for 3D printing or other visualization advice here. Virtual consulations available!

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