Systematic Review Virtual Workshop Series in June 2020

Please join the health sciences librarians on June 16th, 17th, and 18th for a three-part workshop series to learn about Systematic Reviews including an overview of the process, the literature searching process, and citation management.

Register here for just one workshop or all three.

A systematic review (SR), unlike a conventional literature review, aims to comprehensively harvest all relevant studies on a specific topic and critically appraise the studies on explicit criteria. Since its methodology is rigorous, transparent, and reproducible, the likelihood of bias is considerably smaller.  Therefore, SRs serve as essential evidence for making health care policies and decisions as well as for developing clinical guidelines. Recently, researchers have adopted SR methodology to create new programs and services, identify research directions, and prepare grant proposals. 

Although the SR was originally developed in the medical field, its added value is evident in extended disciplines such as education, criminology, public policy, and business.   Prisma

To help you understand SR methodology, particularly a systematic literature review, the Penn Libraries’ SR team members will provide online workshops. The workshops will introduce the systematic review process, describe systematic literature search protocol in accordance with PRISMA standards, and present citation management software to handle search results. 

The workshops include three sessions: Introduction, Literature Search, and Citation Management.

Registration for the virtual workshops is available now!

For more information, contact Maylene Qiu at

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