NEJM Journal Watch now available


The Biomedical  Library has recently acquired NEJM Journal Watch.  Journal Watch uses physician authors to curate and summarize the most important health research from over 250 medical journals. These succinct and easy-to-read summaries, from across 12 specialties, help caregivers to make the connections between developments in clinical science and clinical practice that improve healthcare quality and patient outcomes.

Please find links to each of the subject specialties below.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact Melanie Cedrone at

NEJM Journal Watch Cardiology

NEJM Journal Watch Emergency Medicine

NEJM Journal Watch Gastroenterology

NEJM Journal Watch General Medicine

Journal watch HIV/AIDS clinical care

NEJM Journal Watch Hospital Medicine

NEJM Journal Watch Infectious Diseases

NEJM Journal Watch Neurology

NEJM Journal Watch Oncology and Hematology

NEJM Journal Watch Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine

NEJM Journal Watch Psychiatry

NEJM Journal Watch Women’s Health

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