Dentistry Uncensored: Nov. 2, 2020 at noon

Join us at noon on November 2nd for the next speaker in the Dental Library’s lecture series featuring Dr. Howard Farran of Dentaltown, Hygienetown, and Orthotown!

Register here.

Zoom link will be sent at a later date.

Dr. Farran will speak about the interplay of dentistry in all areas of life from the clinical to the sociopolitical. His podcast Dentistry Uncensored is the most popular podcast available for dental professionals.

Dr. Howard

Dr. Farran has interviewed over 1000 people involved in dentistry from CEOs of the world’s largest dental companies to dentists fresh out of school. Within his archive of shows is a treasure-trove of dental history in the making. He is also an engaging interviewer turning even the most seemingly unrelatable topic, to this librarian at least, into an engaging and enjoyable listen. One might think he missed his calling as the next Larry King, but after pondering his talent as a podcast host I realized he is merely retooling the gift all good dentists have, excellent chairside manner. In addition to interviewing well-known personalities, Dr. Farran is a notable person, as Incisal Edge magazine ranked him among the 32 most influential people in dentistry.

Submit your question for Dr. Farran. All submissions are anonymous.

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