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Virtual Volunteer Opportunity: #citeNLM Wikipedia Edit-a-thon on March 31st

Last October, Penn Libraries observed Health Literacy Month by participating in the National Library of Medicine’s #citeNLM Wikipedia Edit-a-thon to edit child and maternal health-related pages on Wikipedia, an open-source online encyclopedia that is one of the world’s most popular websites.

On March 31st, the National Library of Medicine will host another #citeNLM Wikipedia Edit-a-thon. This time, participants will edit Wikipedia pages related to health aging. No prior experience with Wikipedia is necessary for this volunteer activity. There are two ways to participate:

  • Option #1: This is asynchronous virtual volunteer activity that you can do on a computer with Internet access. Set aside some time on Wednesday March 31st (or any day of your choice). Follow the instructions available here.
  • Option #2: Join the National Library of Medicine’s virtual live Edit-a-thon on Wednesday March 31st from 1pm to 3pm Eastern Time. Register here for the live editing session.

For additional volunteer opportunities, check out the Penn Professional Staff Assembly’s Virtual Volunteering Fair website.

Engagement Day Event: Virtual Health Tea & Coffee Chat

Join the Penn Libraries at the Virtual Health Tea & Coffee Chat, which is open to all email users who would like to take a break from working and studying to casually converse and mingle with fellow coffee and tea consumers in the virtual Engineering Library available in the Penn Libraries Gather.Town site.

This event is a part of the InterProfessional Student Advisory Gatherings (#IPSAG), the Penn Libraries’ interprofessional student networking event series for students interested in any clinical and other health-related careers.

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