Penn Libraries Summer 2021 Wellness Wednesday Workshop Series

Due to positive reception in April of the Virtual Silent Meditation led by Manuel de la Cruz Gutierrez, the Director of Data & Innovation Services at the Biotech Commons, Wellness Wednesday Workshops are back virtually for Summer 2021 with another virtual silent meditation led by Manuel plus additional workshops through early August presented by Steve Scaduto, the Assistant Director of Student Learning Engagement at the Van Pelt-Dietrich Library Center, and Angela Peters, the Host of a podcast series titled “Digital Citizenship in a Digital World.”

  • June 23: Planning and Reflecting with a Neurotracker with Steve Scaduto
  • June 30: Virtual Silent Meditation with Manuel de la Cruz Gutierrez
  • July 7: How to Make a Vision Board with Angela Peters
  • July 21: How to Make a Vision Board with Angela Peters (a repeat session)
  • August 4: “Stream of Consciousness” Writing Workshop with Steve Scaduto

These workshops are open to everyone! Each 30-minute workshop will be followed by office hours with Aman Kaur, the Community Health & Engineering Librarian, who can help you navigate Penn Libraries’ resources and services.

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