Biotech Commons “Sneak Peek” for 1st Year Medical Students

On August 9th the Biotech Commons (formerly known as the Biomedical Library) sponsored the annual Library Information Fair for incoming first-year medical students. Last year, due to the pandemic, the event was a combination of pre-taped videos and live Zoom interaction. This year marked a return to a face-to-face event. Although, because of the University mask mandate and for safety, all faces remained covered!

The Library has been undergoing renovations for the past nine months and is currently closed to the public. This year’s Information Fair allowed us to provide the students a “Sneak Peek” at our renovated space. The new space includes expanded study rooms, new collaboration spaces, and a Digital Fabrication Lab for 3D and poster printing.

As in past years, students were encouraged to visit a number of “information stations” where they could learn about our wide array of online resources and services. At each station, staff were on-hand to describe how the library and its librarians can help them while they learn at Penn. To find resources and links to content described at each of the information stations, visit our 2021 Information Fair guide.

If you have any questions about the Information Fair please contact Frank Campbell, Medical Education Liaison Librarian.

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