Biotech Commons Kicks Off 2022 New Year with Virtual Systematic Review Workshop Series 


Do you want to publish influential journal articles? Do you want to enhance your research impact? Do you want to contribute to policy making or guideline development in your field? Consider developing and publishing systematic review studies.  

Biotech Commons offers three sessions of systematic review workshops on January 19, 26, and February 9. The series of workshops will cover the systematic review process and workflow, describe systematic literature search protocols in accordance with PRISMA standards, and present new technologies that facilitate citation management and data extraction stages.  

A team comprised of experienced librarians will dissect several essential segments in the systematic review development process and help you master pivot skills in evidence retrieval, organization, extraction, and analysis to support your academic publishing. 

The workshops include three sessions: introductionliterature search, and Covidence.  

Registration is available.

Questions? Contact Maylene Qiu, Systematic Review Services Coordinator and Clinical Liaison Librarian.

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