Featured 3D Print

Featured 3D Print: Nursing Innovation

This week’s featured 3D prints a low fidelity prototype for Marion Leary’s course Innovation in Health: Foundations of Design Thinking. This course teaches nurses how to become innovative problem solvers through the design thinking process. One team from Fall 2021 used the 3D printers at the Biotech Commons to create a low fidelity prototype called “S.I.P” or the Sustainable Intake Predictor for heart failure patients.

Patients with heart failure need to limit fluid intake because their heart is not able to pump efficiently to regulate their body fluids. Heart failure guidelines presented by the AHA recommend a fluid restriction of 1.5 to 2.0 L per day. S.I.P. is a straw that can track fluid intake for heart failure patients improving the accuracy of fluid monitoring without increasing the workload of nurses.

S.I.P. uses advanced flow meter technology to accurately track oral fluid intake. Silicone tips (in red) are single use for each patient and color-coded to correspond with the patient’s fluid restriction level. The body of the straw will be made of an antimicrobial material to reduce infection transmission risk while remaining sustainable.

“I loved being in Marion’s class and learning about all of the resources on campus for innovation. Lexi Voss helped me figure out TinkerCAD , which was a learning process, but helped me to understand how 3d printing can be used to prototype in the innovation process.”

-Clare Dubois

Learn more about innovation at Penn Nursing.

The print was submitted by Claire Dubois, undergraduate at the School of Nursing. This object was printed in Elastic resin using the Form3 with design consultation provided by Lexi Voss.

Learn more about 3D printing at the Biotech Commons. The Bollinger Digital Fabrication Lab is proud to provide complimentary objects and 3D design consultations contributing to innovation in teaching, learning, research, and clinical care at the University of Pennsylvania.

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