Featured 3D Print

Featured 3D Print: EcoSpin

This week’s featured 3D print was submitted by Julia Yan and the EcoSpin team.

Julia and her team worked with the library on a capstone project for Materials Science & Engineering Senior Design Project. The product, EcoSpin, is a microfiber catching laundry ball. Julia approached the Bollinger Digital Fabrication Lab to receive help translating the team’s idea into a 3D printable object. With very little knowledge of 3D design software she worked with Lexi Voss, the lab’s Visualizationist, to create the first prototype (pictured below). After months of research and redesigning the team collected enough data to prove their laundry ball will aid in preventing ocean pollution. To learn more about EcoSpin see an article written by Penn Today titled “Engineering a solution for microplastic pollution“.

Learn more about 3D printing at the Holman Biotech Commons. The Bollinger Digital Fabrication Lab is proud to provide complimentary objects and 3D design consultations contributing to innovation in teaching, learning, research, and clinical care at the University of Pennsylvania.

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