Getting Ready for the New NIH Data Management and Sharing (DMS) Policy

Beginning on January 25, 2023, all research funded in whole or in part by the NIH that results in the generation of scientific data will be required to prepare a Data Management and Sharing Plan (DMS Plan) that describes how generated scientific data will be managed and shared. Take a look at the NIH applicable activity codes to see if you are required to submit a DMS Plan.

NIH’s goal is to make the practice of data management and responsible data sharing the norm. Under the new DMS policy, NIH expects that investigators and institutions:

  • Plan and budget for the managing and sharing of data
  • Submit a DMS plan for review when applying for funding
  • Comply with the approved DMS plan

Penn Libraries can help you by:

  • Suggesting tools that can help you draft your data management plan.
  • Recommending an appropriate repository for your data.
  • Connecting you to Penn offices that can support you in the process.
  • Assisting you with writing your DMS Plan.
  • Reviewing your DMS Plan before submission.

The best way to prepare and plan for this new Policy is to review supporting documentation produced by NIH as well as explore the DMSP Guide created by the Penn Libraries.

Please reach out to our Research Data & Digital Scholarship staff with any questions or to schedule a consultation related to NIH’s Data Management & Sharing Policy.

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