Choosing the Right Journal for Your Research: Insights and Tools for Researchers 

Register Now for the Workshop (3/23/2023 at 1-2pm) and Enhance Your Publishing Skills 

Where to publish your research paper

Are you a researcher looking to improve your publishing skills and increase the impact of your scientific work? Look no further than the upcoming workshop on publishing options, presented by the Holman Biotech Commons. 

During this workshop, participants will be given an overview of current scholarly communication practices and a review of publishing options available. Strategies for selecting the most suitable journals in which to publish will also be discussed. In addition, participants will learn about valuable tools for journal selection and evaluation, including an understanding of the influence of journal impact factors. 

One key topic of discussion will be the implications of open-access publishing for your scientific work. Open access publishing has gained momentum in recent years, offering wider access to scientific information as well as the potential for greater impact and visibility of research. Participants will learn how to leverage open access publishing to maximize the reach and influence of their work. 

Attending this workshop is a great opportunity to learn from experienced professionals and to connect with peers in your field. Don’t miss this chance to enhance your publishing skills and increase the impact of your research. The workshop will be held online on March 23, 2023, from 1-2 pm. Register today to reserve your spot!  

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