New Journals now available!

Nature CancerThe ability to add new journals to our already vast collection is largely dependent upon our funding each year. For FY20, we have been fortunate to add a number of new titles. The decision to add particular titles over others is based primarily on requests from patrons and also by our Interlibrary Loan statistics (what journals are we borrowing heavily from other universities). Additionally, the cost of the journal does play into whether we are able to add the title. We are happy to say that the below titles have been added this year:

Annals of Internal Medicine (a subscription upgrade that now allows access to ALL journal material)
Brain Connectivity
Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research
Disaster Medicine & Public Health Preparedness
JoVE Cancer Research
JoVE Genetics
JoVE Lab Animal Research
JoVE Neuroscience
Nature Cancer
Nature Food
NEJM Catalyst Innovations in Care Delivery
Ophthalmic Surgery, Laser and Imaging Retina
Ophthalmology: Retina
The Journal of Doctoral Nursing Practice
Transgender Health

We welcome your suggestions for new titles; if we cannot not add them to the collection at that time, we will try to when funding is available. Please contact Melanie Cedrone at with your suggestions.

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