Biomed Librarians participate on healthcare policy-making boards

EBP pyramid

DiCenso A, Bayley L, Haynes RB (2009). Accessing pre-appraised evidence: fine-tuning the 5S model into a 6S model. Evidence-Based Nursing, 12(4),99-101

Evidence-based healthcare (EBH) policies that are integrated into Clinical Decision Support Systems are critical to clinical practice.  To assist with the development of such high quality  healthcare policies, biomedical librarians serve on the boards of policy-making entities within the University of Pennsylvania Health System (UPHS) such as the Evidence-Based Practice Leadership council, the Nursing Practice Council, and the Nursing Research Council. The librarians’ contributions include a series of educational sessions for the board members on searching for EBH information, as well as conducting literature searches and the aggregation of evidence. For more information, contact Maylene Qiu, Clinical Liaison Librarian and Systematic Review Coordinator, at

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